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Hannah Gannagé-Stewart

Deputy Editor, Solicitors Journal

MOJ makes lawyers eligible for covid-19 testing

MOJ makes lawyers eligible for covid-19 testing


The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has confirmed that solicitors who are key workers are eligible for Covid-19 testing

The MOJ clarified which lawyers fall into the key work category earlier this month, as those who are “essential to the running of the justice system”. 

These include, in particular, those responsible for the functioning of courts and tribunals, including, advocates and prosecutors, duty solicitors, or practitioners that are working on imminent or ongoing court or tribunal hearings, solicitors acting in connection with the execution of wills and solicitors advising people living in institutions or deprived of their liberty.

The guidance also says that some solicitors will intermittently fall into the category for key worker, if they need to provide advice or attend a hearing for an urgent matter relating to, for example, safeguarding of children or vulnerable adults.

To apply for a test, key workers should access the government’s covid-19 testing portal online at:

Law Society of England and Wales president Simon Davis said: “Solicitors with essential roles which put them at risk of infection will welcome their inclusion in the testing programme

“However, there are still significant areas for improvement. We will continue to raise the implications covid-19 is having on the legal profession with government and key stakeholders to ensure all solicitors can carry out their vital work for society as safely as possible during the current outbreak.”

Tests for keyworkers have been in huge demand with the government coming under fire for how quickly availability of the tests runs out each day. 

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