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Michael Clancy awarded Fellowship by Royal Society of Edinburgh

Michael Clancy awarded Fellowship by Royal Society of Edinburgh


Law Society of Scotland's Michael Clancy honoured as Fellow alongside esteemed legal figures by RSE

Michael Clancy OBE WS, the Director of Law Reform at the Law Society of Scotland, has been recognised for his outstanding contributions to the legal field by being elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE). This prestigious honour places him among a select group of individuals distinguished for their expertise and achievements.

Alongside Clancy, other eminent legal figures including Fiona Leverick, Professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice, Nicole Busby, Professor in Human Rights, Equality and Justice, both from the University of Glasgow, and Laura Dunlop KC, President of the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland, have also been awarded fellowships by the RSE. This recognition highlights their significant contributions to their respective fields.

Sheila Webster, the President of the RSE, extended her congratulations to all the newly elected fellows, emphasising the importance of their representation across various sectors, including academia, business, science, and the media. Webster particularly noted the inclusion of notable figures from the legal sector, acknowledging Clancy's exceptional reputation and expertise.

Clancy's election as an RSE Fellow underscores his deep knowledge and impartial analysis of legislation introduced by both the Scottish and UK Parliaments, particularly in areas such as constitutional and human rights law. His insightful contributions have earned him respect from within the legal profession and across the political spectrum.

Expressing his delight at the honour, Michael Clancy stated, "I am absolutely delighted to have been elected as a member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh - Scotland's National Academy. To join such a distinguished group is a great honour. I hope to contribute to the work of the RSE in the years to come."

Overall, Michael Clancy's fellowship with the Royal Society of Edinburgh serves as a testament to his exemplary contributions to the legal field and underscores the importance of expertise and dedication in advancing knowledge and understanding within society.