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MaxVal Collaborates with Corsearch to Enhance Global Data Integration Strategy

MaxVal Collaborates with Corsearch to Enhance Global Data Integration Strategy


MaxVal Group, Inc. ("MaxVal"), a leading provider of intellectual property management solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with trademark and brand protection technology business, Corsearch

This collaboration aims to enrich MaxVal's flagship IP management software, Symphony™, with comprehensive and accurate trademark data from Corsearch's global trademark database collection.

Symphony is MaxVal’s IP management solution that is trusted by the world's most innovative companies and law firms for the secure and effective management of the entire IP lifecycle. Through its highly configurable workflows and seamless integration of third-party data, Symphony streamlines patent and trademark prosecution, docketing, portfolio management, renewals, and more. Leveraging the extensive capabilities of the Salesforce platform, Symphony empowers users with at-a-glance dashboards, in-depth reporting, and actionable insights enabling data-driven decisions.

Corsearch’s human-trained AI and decades of industry knowledge equips users with the right tools, which, when combined with Corsearch’s exceptional customer service, enables its clients to establish, monitor, and protect their brands with confidence. Corsearch’s trademark databases comprised of close to two hundred jurisdictions is the go-to source for global trademark data for many law firms, companies, and IP Management providers.

According to Ashwin Yadav, Chief Product Officer at MaxVal: “Our vision for Symphony is to serve as the definitive source of IP truth within companies and law firms. To realize this vision, we are dedicated to integrating comprehensive and accurate third-party IP data, making Corsearch an obvious choice for us." Yadav further emphasized, "After careful evaluation, it became evident that the quality and coverage of Corsearch's data were compelling.”

Viji Krishnan, President, Trademark Solutions at Corsearch, added: “Corsearch’s industry-leading and innovative tools are used by more than 5,000 customers worldwide to help get their products to market faster, reducing risk and getting more done in less time with more accurate results.

“MaxVal boasts a customer-base comprising some of the world's largest and most recognizable brands. Through this collaboration, these brands can now rest assured that the trademark data within Symphony is not only complete but also accurate - and we are thrilled to play a pivotal role in this process.” 

With this strategic partnership, MaxVal reaffirms its commitment to equipping companies and law firms with powerful solutions that foster intelligent and effective IP management. The integration of Corsearch's extensive trademark data within Symphony will elevate the product’s capabilities, delivering unparalleled value to MaxVal customers.