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Matthew Hill announces departure as Chief Executive of the Legal Services Board

Matthew Hill announces departure as Chief Executive of the Legal Services Board


Matthew Hill resigns as LSB Chief; praised for leadership. Interim replacement appointed; recruitment for successor begins

The Legal Services Board (LSB) has made an announcement today regarding the departure of its Chief Executive, Matthew Hill, who will be stepping down from his role at the end of March 2024. This decision marks the end of his tenure, as the LSB begins the process of recruiting a suitable successor. In the interim, an arrangement for leadership will be put in place to ensure a smooth transition.

Matthew Hill is set to assume the role of Chief Executive at the Chartered Insurance Institute after leaving the LSB. Alan Kershaw, Chair of the Legal Services Board, expressed gratitude for Hill's outstanding leadership, focus, and commitment during his time at the organization. Kershaw acknowledged Hill's crucial role in shaping the vision, strategy, and reputation of the LSB as an independent consumer-focused regulator. He credited Hill with empowering people to access legal services, ensuring effective regulation for the public, the legal profession, and society at large.

In a statement, Alan Kershaw conveyed the Board's appreciation for Matthew Hill's contributions, saying, "He will leave the LSB on a firm footing to continue delivering effective regulation for the public, the profession and society, and we wish him every success in his future endeavours."

Matthew Hill also shared his sentiments upon announcing his departure, expressing gratitude for the privilege of working with exceptional individuals both inside and outside the LSB. He highlighted the mission entrusted to him in ensuring better regulation in the interests of the public and those in need of legal services. Hill spoke of his confidence in the LSB's ability to continue its important work, praising the dedicated staff and supportive Board committed to overseeing legal services regulation in England and Wales.

"I wish every friend and colleague I have met over the last five years the greatest possible success in the future," said Matthew Hill as he concluded this chapter of his career with the LSB.