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Manleys Solicitors adds star power to roster with representation of Oscar-nominated director Nazrin Choudhury

Manleys Solicitors adds star power to roster with representation of Oscar-nominated director Nazrin Choudhury


Chester-based law firm Manleys Solicitors proudly represents 2024 Oscar nominee Nazrin Choudhury for her film "Red White and Blue"

In a recent announcement, Manleys Solicitors, based in Chester, UK, has secured representation for the talented British film director Nazrin Choudhury, who has been nominated for the 2024 Oscars. Choudhury's short film, "Red White and Blue," has earned a spot as one of this year's nominees for Best Live Action Short Film.

Choudhury, currently based in California, shared insights into the inspiration behind her film, revealing that she crafted the story in response to the Supreme Court's overturning of the landmark decision in the Roe v Wade case. The film follows the journey of a young mother facing adversity, navigating the challenges of caring for her children and seeking essential medical assistance.

Manleys Solicitors, known for its legal expertise, has witnessed a notable increase in its USA-related work over the past six months. Founder Mark Manley's permission to appear as counsel in the Southern District of New York has contributed to the firm's growing presence in the United States.

Mark Manley, the founder of the firm, has been granted permission to appear in the renowned Court 13, also known as "the libel court," in the High Court of Justice in London for a defamation case related to the book "Perversion of Justice – The Jeffrey Epstein Story." Additionally, in April, Manley is set to represent a former World Champion boxer in a mediation session in New York, facilitated by one of the city's well-known mediators.

Expressing pride in their new client, a spokesperson for Manleys Solicitors commended Nazrin Choudhury's talent, describing "Red, White and Blue" as a masterpiece that captivates viewers with its emotional depth. The law firm is optimistic about Choudhury's chances of winning the prestigious Oscar on March 11th.

As Manleys Solicitors continues to expand its global footprint and represent clients in high-profile cases, the collaboration with Nazrin Choudhury adds a touch of star power to the firm's distinguished clientele.

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