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Maguire Family Law expands presence with new office in central Manchester

Maguire Family Law expands presence with new office in central Manchester


Renowned divorce firm opens fourth office in response to rising demand amid social media pressures and awareness

In response to a surge in demand for its specialised divorce and family law services, Maguire Family Law has opened its fourth office on Brown Street in Manchester city centre. The renowned firm, with existing offices in Altrincham, Knutsford, and Wilmslow, has experienced significant growth since its establishment in 2010.

The founding director, James Maguire, attributes this recent surge in demand to a combination of factors. He points to the influence of social media, where influencers often portray an unrealistic 'have it all' image of marriage, leading individuals to reassess their own relationships. The paradoxical expectations set by these idealised depictions contribute to disappointment and pressure within marriages.

James Maguire also notes that the increased awareness of unacceptable behaviours, particularly related to narcissism and coercive control, has empowered individuals to take action and seek legal counsel to end their marriages. He emphasises that societal attitudes have shifted, and people are no longer willing to tolerate unhealthy relationships.

"We've been growing organically since our launch in 2010, but the past 18 months have seen a notable surge in demand from both UK and overseas clients. What we initially thought might be an isolated spike in inquiries has become a sustained trend," James Maguire states.

While divorce cases have been the driving force behind the decision to open the new Manchester office, James Maguire mentions that the demand for the firm's other services is also reaching record levels. The possibility of further expansion in the region and beyond is not ruled out.

"Social media has undoubtedly played a part, churning out content that purports a 'have it all' paradox. When they realise this is an unrealistic and unattainable vision, disappointment and pressure set in. In short, the days of putting up and shutting up are long gone," explains James Maguire.

The move to open a new office reflects not only the firm's commitment to meeting the increasing demand for divorce and family law services but also its recognition of evolving societal dynamics influencing individuals' decisions regarding their marriages. As James Maguire Family Law continues to expand its presence, it remains at the forefront of addressing the legal needs of those navigating the complexities of divorce and family matters.