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LSB launches review of SRA's actions preceding SSB group collapse

LSB launches review of SRA's actions preceding SSB group collapse


The Legal Services Board (LSB) initiates an independent review of the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s (SRA) regulatory actions leading up to the collapse of SSB Group

Expanding its ongoing review into regulatory events preceding SRA's intervention into Axiom Ince, the LSB aims to comprehensively assess the circumstances surrounding both firms.

With the aim to report on Axiom in spring 2024 and on SSB Group in the summer, the review seeks to glean crucial insights for consumer protection and professional confidence.

Partnering with Carson McDowell, a renowned law firm, the LSB ensures rigorous and impartial examination of regulatory practices.

The LSB, an independent overseer of lawyer regulation in England and Wales, operates within a statutory framework defined by the Legal Services Act 2007.

Carson McDowell, Northern Ireland’s largest independent law firm, brings extensive expertise to the review process, bolstering its credibility and thoroughness.

Regulatory scrutiny remains paramount to uphold integrity and safeguard consumer interests.