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Lord Chancellor appoints six Members to Civil Justice Council for three-year term

Lord Chancellor appoints six Members to Civil Justice Council for three-year term


The appointees are, John Cuss, Daniel Hoadley, Amrik Kandola, Sue Prince, Laurence Shaw, and Elizabeth Smart

The Ministry of Justice and Civil Justice Council announced on 5th February 2024, that the Lord Chancellor has given approval for the appointment of six members to the Civil Justice Council (CJC). These appointments, effective from 1st January 2024, will last for a three-year term.

The newly appointed members are:

  1. John Cuss - Solicitor member
  2. Amrik Kandola - Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) member
  3. Daniel Hoadley - Digital, Technology, and Information member
  4. Laurence Shaw - Legal Executive member
  5. Sue Prince - Lay member
  6. Elizabeth Smart - Advice Sector member

The Civil Justice Council, established by the Civil Procedure Act 1997, is a statutory advisory body that brings together individuals from various backgrounds, including the judiciary, civil servants, and legal professionals. The council aims to represent diverse perspectives, sectoral interests, and professional expertise within the civil justice system.

The CJC plays a crucial role in reviewing and advising on the development of the civil justice system, focusing on accessibility, fairness, and efficiency. It has the authority to propose changes, conduct research, and provide recommendations to the judiciary, government, and rule makers.

The appointments to the Civil Justice Council are made by the Secretary of State for Justice and are regulated by the Commissioner for Public Appointments. These appointments adhere to the Governance Code on Public Appointments.

Here are brief biographies of the newly appointed members:

  1. John Cuss: A solicitor at Hudgell Solicitors, Head of Corporate Services, and Strategic Partnerships. Also, Vice-Chair of the National Law Society Dispute Resolution Committee.

  2. Daniel Hoadley: Head of Data Science and Analytics at Mishcon de Reya LLP, specializing in artificial intelligence and data science in legal processes.

  3. Amrik Kandola: Full-time commercial mediator with expertise in technology, engineering, construction, and energy infrastructure disputes.

  4. Sue Prince: Professor at the University of Exeter Law School, recognized for setting up the first law clinic and conducting evaluations of court-connected Alternative Dispute Resolutions.

  5. Laurence Shaw: Freelance legal consultant and qualified Chartered Legal Executive with over 40 years of experience in Personal Injury claims.

  6. Elizabeth Smart: Professor of Legal Education, Head of the School of Law and Society at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, and a National Teaching Fellow.

All appointees have demonstrated significant contributions to their respective fields, and their diverse backgrounds contribute to the comprehensive representation within the Civil Justice Council. The appointments aim to enhance the effectiveness and inclusivity of the civil justice system in the UK.

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