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Lord Chancellor Appoints Court Examiners for 5-Year Term

Lord Chancellor Appoints Court Examiners for 5-Year Term


The Lord Chancellor has approved the appointment of the following court examiners for a 5-year term starting from April 1, 2024

  1. Susie Alegre: A barrister specialising in digital rights and AI, also involved in human rights advocacy.
  2. Nicholas Cobill: Experienced barrister in UK and international commercial litigation, recognised as a leading figure.
  3. Barbara Fontaine: Former Senior Master of the Queen’s/King’s Bench Division with extensive civil and commercial litigation background.
  4. Melissa Harrison: Family law barrister focusing on child protection and arrangements for children of separated parents.
  5. Bronia Hartley: Barrister specialising in personal injury and inquest work, also serving as an Assistant Coroner.
  6. Abigail Holt: Fee paid First Tier Tribunal Judge, with core practice in personal injury litigation.
  7. Matt Jackson: Barrister practicing in employment & discrimination and public law, contributing to legal societies.
  8. Belinda McRae: Commercial barrister and arbitrator with expertise in international law, civil fraud, and human rights.

These appointments reflect a diverse range of legal expertise, from digital rights and commercial litigation to family law and international arbitration. The appointed examiners bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge that will contribute significantly to the effective functioning of the courts.

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