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Loch Associates Group strengthens Sussex presence with new Eastbourne office

Loch Associates Group strengthens Sussex presence with new Eastbourne office


Loch Associates Group expands its reach, opening a second office in Eastbourne amid rapid growth

Loch Associates Group has established itself as a formidable force in the South East's legal and HR landscape. This expansion into East Sussex with a new office in Eastbourne marks a pivotal milestone for the company, reflecting its remarkable growth trajectory.

The decision to open a second office comes on the heels of extraordinary success, witnessing the company's turnover and workforce doubling in just three years. Operating across Kent, Sussex, and London, Loch Associates Group has set itself apart by offering a comprehensive suite of services, including HR, Legal, Training, Wellbeing, and Mediation, all housed under one roof. This unique approach empowers organizations to efficiently manage their workforce while safeguarding their business interests.

Victoria Regan, a seasoned expert with over two decades of experience in employment law, joins Loch Law, the legal arm of Loch Associates Group, as a Partner spearheading the South coast team. Her leadership, previously showcased as the Head of the Employment Department at Rix and Kay, promises enhanced service delivery and client support.

Situated strategically opposite the Marina, the new Eastbourne office is designed to accommodate up to 10 employees initially, with plans to recruit locally to bolster community support and fuel ambitious growth objectives.

Pam Loch, the Solicitor and Managing Director of Loch Associates Group, expressed enthusiasm about the company's evolution: "The new office solidifies our presence in Sussex, a region where we've seen consistent expansion while aiding organizations in nurturing their workforce and safeguarding their business interests."

Highlighting Victoria's appointment, Pam emphasized her stature as an authority in employment law and HR, reaffirming the commitment to delivering top-notch service and a diverse array of solutions tailored to client needs.

Pam attributed the company's continual growth to its burgeoning reputation as a reliable alternative to conventional law firms. Loch Associates Group's ability to offer an unparalleled spectrum of services to businesses within the South East has been pivotal in fuelling this expansion, setting them apart as an invaluable resource in the region's legal and HR landscape.