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Lime Solicitors joins RoadPeace's legal panel

Lime Solicitors joins RoadPeace's legal panel


Lime Solicitors partners with RoadPeace, providing legal support and compassion for road crash victims in Eastern England

Lime Solicitors, a serious injury law firm, has recently become a member of RoadPeace's legal panel for the Eastern England region. RoadPeace, established in 1992 as the national charity for road crash victims, is dedicated to aiding and empowering those affected by road crashes and improving the post-crash response within the justice system.

The legal panel's primary objective is to offer assistance and support to individuals bereaved or seriously injured in road collisions. This includes facilitating access to high-quality legal advice and ensuring justice, including fair compensation, for the victims.

As part of the legal panel, Lime Solicitors will play a crucial role in providing immediate legal support for victims seeking compensation for injuries. This support aims to fund the rehabilitation necessary for victims to regain independence and enhance their overall quality of life.

Nick Simmons, CEO of RoadPeace, expressed delight in welcoming Lime Solicitors to the legal panel, emphasizing Lime's commitment to treating road crash victims with compassion and respect. The collaboration aims to ensure victims receive optimal legal advice and have their rights upheld.

In addition to legal support, Lime Solicitors has pledged to contribute to RoadPeace's fundraising projects and awareness-raising initiatives. Rose Gibson-Harper, serious injury partner at Lime Solicitors, specializing in transport and road traffic accident claims, emphasized their pride in joining RoadPeace's legal panel. She acknowledged the physical and mental toll of road collisions, emphasizing the importance of early access to rehabilitation programs for survivors.

Gibson-Harper stated, "Working collaboratively with RoadPeace means we can help support more people from a very early stage in their journey and help provide better outcomes for them and their family."