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Lewis Denley partners with tech-focused Australian corporate law firm Lantern Legal

Lewis Denley partners with tech-focused Australian corporate law firm Lantern Legal


The West Sussex-based law firm has announced a strategic partnership with Lantern Legal, an Australian-based firm specialising in cyber and corporate/commercial legal advice

The collaboration marks a significant step in Lewis Denley's growth strategy for 2024, aiming to provide a boutique cross-border legal service to clients across Europe and Australasia.

Colin Secomb, the Australian-born joint-managing partner of Lewis Denley, has been in discussions with Lantern Legal for some time, recognising the potential to merge their firms and offer comprehensive legal solutions to clients operating in global markets. Dr. Allison Stanfield and Zita Allen, joint managing partners of Lantern Legal, bring their expertise in corporate and technology-focused legal services to complement Lewis Denley's existing practices in commercial property and private wealth.

As part of the partnership, Lantern Legal will rebrand as Lewis Denley Australia, solidifying their integration into the Lewis Denley network. This move is expected to provide clients with enhanced options for cross-border legal assistance through Lewis Denley Global.

The expansion aligns with the launch of Yao, a legal practice management platform developed by Colin Secomb and Natasha Lewis. Lewis Denley Australia will adopt Yao as their case management platform, facilitating seamless collaboration and efficient service delivery across borders.

Colin Secomb emphasises the strategic importance of this partnership in meeting the evolving needs of clients expanding into new global markets. He sees the integration of Yao's technology as a natural progression to enhance Lewis Denley's offerings in commercial, cyber, and privacy law.

Dr. Allison Stanfield and Zita Allen echo this sentiment, highlighting the demand for a boutique law firm capable of providing comprehensive cross-border legal and strategic advice. With expertise in privacy, cyber, intellectual property, and corporate structuring, they aim to deliver cost-effective solutions to clients in both Australia and the UK.

The partnership represents a significant milestone for both firms as they embark on a journey to serve clients on a global scale. By leveraging their combined strengths and utilising innovative technologies like Yao, Lewis Denley and Lantern Legal are poised to deliver efficient and effective legal services to a diverse clientele operating across continents.