Luke Daniels, Richard Sweetman and Georgie Woolmer review the lessons of a case concerning eight claimants who suffered abuse by a football coach

Barry Bennell, former football coach and Manchester City Football Club (MCFC) scout, is currently serving a 34-year prison sentence at HMP Littlehey, Cambridgeshire, after being convicted of sexual offences against boys on five separate occasions.

A seven-week trial for the case of TVC & Ors v Manchester City Football Club [2022] EWHC 7 (QB) began  on 25 October 2021, concerning  claims raised by eight men against MCFC considered the sexual assaults that the claimants suffered by premier club scout, Barry Bennell. It considered if MCFC had any liability for Bennell’s actions.

The abuse allegedly took place when the men were playing for local junior ‘feeder’ teams for MCFC between 1979 to...

Luke Daniels
Irwin Mitchell

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