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Suzanne Townley

News Editor, Solicitors Journal

LegalTech giant Clio expands CRM offering in UK and Ireland

LegalTech giant Clio expands CRM offering in UK and Ireland


Clio's global expansion continues after it became the first legal practice management 'unicorn' globally earlier this year

Leading legal software provider, Clio, has announced the launch of a new client intake and client relationship management (CRM) solution, Clio Grow, in the UK and Ireland, meaning the tech is available worldwide for the first time. 

Clio made history earlier this year when it reached a value of US$1.6bn after raising US$110m in a Series E investment, which made Clio the first legal practice management ‘unicorn’ globally. 

Clio said the new product will “enable law firms in the UK and Ireland to deliver a more efficient and client-centred experience by automating the client intake process”.

“Firms using client intake and relationship management software are creating more manageable, effective, and profitable processes while also delivering the seamless, online and client-centred experiences prospective clients were looking for in their search for a lawyer”.

It added: “an increasing number of legal clients expect to find, contact, and interact with a lawyer online” and that Clio Grow will “empower legal professionals to meet this changing demand”.

Clio said the software improves client experience by enabling online bookings directly from Google, capturing matter and client information quickly with online intake forms, reducing meeting no-shows with automated appointment reminders and helping monitor prospective client pipelines to ensure timely follow-ups.

Firms will be able to use Clio Grow alongside Clio’s existing Clio Manage product, which enables firms to manage clients, organise matters, automate tasks, and to simplify time recording and billing processes. When combined, the two products will form the Clio Suite, which Clio claim is the industry’s “first and only end-to-end software solution focused on enhancing the client experience”. 

In a legal trends report commissioned by Clio, it was found firms that used client intake and CRM software saw up to 20 per cent more cases and 9 per cent more revenue in 2020 and earnt an equivalent of £28,000 (€33,000) more per lawyer, based on estimated revenues per lawyer in US dollars for American law firms.

Colin Bohanna, Clio General Manager for the UK and Ireland, commented: “The introduction of Clio Grow to the UK and Irish markets is part of our commitment to ensuring that legal professionals around the world are equipped with the tools they need to be both cloud-based and client-centred”.

“By continuously improving our offering to the legal profession, we’re helping firms remain consistently and predictably profitable while also making it easier for those in search of legal representation to connect with a lawyer anywhere, anytime”.

Sarah Khan-Bashir MBE, founder of SKB Law, commented: “My priority is making sure every client feels valued.

“As a busy sole practitioner, I’m constantly juggling a lot of tasks and time-sensitive matters, so finding a way to streamline our client intake process and being able to automate administrative follow-up frees me up to do the work that really matters for my clients.

“Importantly, it makes the process easier and more efficient for our clients, saving them time or resources. Clio Grow is game changing for SKB Law”.

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