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Legal Services Board proposes new measures to improve legal services providers’ complaints procedures

Legal Services Board proposes new measures to improve legal services providers’ complaints procedures


The Legal Services Board (LSB) is consulting on proposals to ensure that people who use legal services have access to fair and effective complaint procedures.

The proposals aim to strengthen consumer protection and improve the quality and standards of legal services.

The consultation is focused on so-called 'first-tier complaints', which are made directly to a legal services provider when a consumer is dissatisfied with the quality of the service provided.

The draft new policy statement sets clear outcomes for regulators to deliver, including collecting and analysing intelligence on complaints to support the best possible redress system and fostering a culture of learning and continuous improvement within the sector to raise standards.

The consultation follows the LSB's recent research exploring the challenges consumers face when complaining about legal services, as well as a range of evidence that first-tier complaints handling is not meeting consumers’ expectations as well as it should.

Richard Orpin, Director of Regulation & Policy at the LSB, said:

‘A fair, efficient and effective redress system is crucial to ensuring access to justice and safeguarding the public interest. Our proposals are designed to support a culture in which the sector responds positively and proactively to complaints, and embraces consumer feedback to learn lessons and raise standards. This will help increase public trust and confidence in the sector.

'We look forward to hearing from all those with a role to play in delivering the best possible redress systems for consumers. The consultation period will run from 24 August 2023 to 17 November 2023.’

For more information on the consultation process, including how to participate, please refer to the consultation document available on the Legal Services Board's website.

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