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Legal Services Board announces interim leadership arrangements

Legal Services Board announces interim leadership arrangements


The Legal Services Board (LSB) has solidified interim leadership measures following the resignation of Matthew Hill, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective January 2024

As the Board embarks on the recruitment process for a new CEO, it has outlined a plan to maintain effective governance and operational continuity.

The current leadership structure will see the existing three directors shouldering leadership responsibilities while retaining their current roles within the organization.

Richard Orpin, currently serving as the Director of Regulation and Policy, steps into the role of Interim CEO. In this capacity, he will oversee the smooth functioning of the relationship between the Board and the executive team. Orpin's focus will be on steering the LSB's efforts towards reshaping legal services to better align with societal needs.

Danielle Viall, the General Counsel, assumes the position of Interim CEO (Regulatory Operations). Viall's primary responsibility will involve spearheading crucial regulatory initiatives, including the ongoing review of the events leading to the Solicitors Regulation Authority's (SRA) intervention into Axiom Ince.

Holly Perry, the Director of Enabling Services, will expand her role to include the responsibilities of the Accounting Officer. In this capacity, Perry will ensure the responsible and transparent deployment of the LSB's resources.

These interim leadership arrangements underscore the LSB's commitment to maintaining stability and effectiveness during this transitional period. By leveraging the expertise and experience of its current leadership team, the LSB aims to continue fulfilling its regulatory obligations and advancing its mission to enhance the legal services landscape in alignment with societal needs.

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