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Legal, psychological, and academic experts unite to support mental health in family law

Legal, psychological, and academic experts unite to support mental health in family law


In a unique collaboration, family law practitioners from diverse firms and chambers have joined forces with psychologists, psychiatrists, and academics to create comprehensive resource materials aimed at guiding and supporting individuals struggling with mental health issues amidst relationship breakdowns

This unprecedented initiative, spearheaded by Payne Hicks Beach, seeks to provide essential guidance to all family law practitioners across the UK.

Relationship breakdowns, particularly divorces, pose significant mental health challenges, with studies indicating a heightened risk of depression and loneliness during and after such transitions. Recognising the profound emotional toll of these experiences, the collaborative effort aims to equip legal professionals with the tools and knowledge to identify and effectively support clients grappling with mental health issues.

Ben Parry-Smith, Partner at Payne Hicks Beach, underscores the duty of family lawyers to prioritise the holistic well-being of their clients beyond legal advice. He emphasises the importance of collaboration in creating a valuable resource that can serve as a beacon of support for practitioners navigating complex emotional landscapes.

Jonathan Iliff, MD of NHS consultant at Psyke, expresses gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the initiative, highlighting the Vulnerable Clients Guide as a vital resource for professionals navigating the challenges faced by clients undergoing divorces. The guide aims to offer solace and guidance to legal professionals as they navigate the intricacies of supporting vulnerable clients through the divorce journey.

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