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Legal Hero solicitors celebrated for community impact

Legal Hero solicitors celebrated for community impact


Solicitors who stand out for making a lasting difference in the lives of others were celebrated as the Law Society of England and Wales' Legal Heroes 2023.

Nominees attended the ceremony with their friends and family to celebrate their achievements. Members of the judging panel, which included Law Society President Lubna Shuja, delivered the awards. They praised each nominee for their work championing everyday people and driving forward positive change.

“Congratulations to all our nominees, both winners and those shortlisted, at the Law Society’s first Legal Heroes ceremony,” said Law Society President Lubna Shuja.

“It is a great pleasure to be able to recognise their efforts, and hugely uplifting to read every single letter of recommendation from grateful clients and proud colleagues.”

A nominator said of their nominee: “Her tireless efforts have empowered countless individuals to access justice and assert their legal rights.” Another said: “She has and will change the destinies of many.”

Legal Heroes were nominated for their work in a wide-range of charities and projects, from working to end honour-based violence and female genital mutilation, to supporting those without representation in court or access to legal aid in private family law cases.

One nominee is recognised for their efforts to improve disabled access in the law while another was integral to a case which protected retired solicitors and public insurance against the closure of the Solicitors Indemnity Fund (SIF).  

Others have worked tirelessly to keep legal aid alive for children and young people experiencing difficulty in their education, while another Legal Hero helped set up a fund that enables social welfare workers to take qualifying law exams.

Lubna Shuja continued: “Solicitors are the backbone of the justice system, but they are also very committed individuals who give so much of themselves to helping people in their local communities and beyond. These are people who use their skills, expertise and drive to put the interests of others first, demonstrating the core values which are at the heart of our profession: helping others in need.”

The full list of Legal Heroes 2023 is:

  • Shabina Begum
  • Jonathan Lafferty
  • Emily Mcfadden
  • Sabeena Pirooz
  • Qaisar Sheikh
  • Clive Sutton
  • Martin Whitehorn