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Legal Aid Agency announces amendments to Crime Contract and Guidance

Legal Aid Agency announces amendments to Crime Contract and Guidance


Legal Aid Agency, Law Society, and Association of Prison Lawyers collaborate on amended 2022 Standard Crime Contract

In collaboration with the Law Society and the Association of Prison Lawyers, the Legal Aid Agency has introduced amendments to the 2022 Standard Crime Contract and associated guidance. Effective from Thursday, April 2, 2024, these changes aim to enhance procedural aspects and accessibility for legal aid in certain criminal proceedings.

The key modifications in the amended 2022 Standard Crime Contract include new rules concerning set-aside applications at the Parole Board. Additionally, the process for applying for Legal Aid in connection with remote discipline hearings at prisons has been streamlined for greater efficiency.

Corresponding adjustments have been made to the Criminal Bills Assessment Manual to align with these changes. The manual not only reflects the amendments but also incorporates guidance on claiming the Sending Hearing Fixed Fee. Furthermore, it provides insights into claiming for Ultra Low Emission Sone charges when private transport use is justified.

These updates signify a collaborative effort to ensure the legal framework remains responsive and adaptable to evolving needs within the criminal justice system. The aim is to provide clarity and facilitate smoother processes for legal practitioners and individuals involved in these proceedings. Legal professionals and stakeholders are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the amended contract and guidance for effective implementation.