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LEAP revolutionises legal practice with LawY: the AI legal assistant

LEAP revolutionises legal practice with LawY: the AI legal assistant


LEAP partners with LawY, offering verified AI-generated legal responses, enhancing productivity and accuracy for practitioners

In legal practice, time is a precious commodity, and accuracy is non-negotiable. Recognising this, LEAP, a leading legal practice management solution, has announced its groundbreaking collaboration with LawY, an AI-powered legal assistant tailored exclusively for LEAP users.

LawY is designed to swiftly provide precise answers to legal queries, drawing upon an ever-expanding knowledge base that evolves and refines with each verified response. What sets LawY apart is its incorporation of experienced legal professionals who meticulously verify generated responses, ensuring they meet the rigorous standards of the legal field. Unlike other AI tools, LawY doesn't just provide answers; it includes comprehensive references and case law to support its conclusions.

Gareth Walker, CEO of LEAP UK, emphasises the transformative impact of LawY on legal practitioners. Not only does it alleviate the research burden, but it also guarantees the accuracy and reliability of information, crucial in legal proceedings. Walker highlights LawY's role in bolstering LEAP's AI capabilities, promising a suite of innovative features to streamline legal tasks in the near future.

LawY's integration with LEAP promises a host of benefits for legal professionals, enabling them to expedite tasks such as legal research, document drafting, and proofreading. By harnessing AI, practitioners can focus more on building client relationships and delivering exceptional service.

This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in legal technology, empowering practitioners to navigate complex legal landscapes with confidence and efficiency. With LawY at their disposal, LEAP users are poised to revolutionise their legal practice, one precise response at a time.