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Leading M&A team provided guidance and counsel for Moss's acquisition of Macro Art in the UK

Leading M&A team provided guidance and counsel for Moss's acquisition of Macro Art in the UK


Burges Salmon, an independent UK law firm, recently provided advisory services to Chicago-based Moss, a renowned producer of premium graphics and custom installations for brand experiences.

The firm's Corporate and M&A team played a key role in facilitating Moss's acquisition of Macro Art, a company specializing in graphics, branding, and signage based in Cambridgeshire, UK. Moss, backed by investment funds managed by EagleTree Capital, a private equity firm in New York, has been expanding its operations across Europe, with a presence already established in Germany and Poland.

This acquisition of Macro Art aligns with Moss's strategy to bolster its European portfolio and further its mission of creating top-tier branded experiences for its expanding international clientele. The move signifies Moss's entry into the UK market, enabling it to diversify its services and support its growth objectives in Europe.

The team at Burges Salmon, led by Andrew Mills, a partner based in Bristol specializing in Corporate and M&A matters, facilitated the transaction. Andrew Mills expressed enthusiasm about aiding Moss in its UK market debut and leveraging the firm's expertise, especially in advising international clients targeting the UK for growth opportunities.

Jason Popp, President and CEO of Moss, highlighted the significance of the UK market for brand marketers in various sectors like entertainment, sports, and retail. He welcomed Macro Art's talented team and clientele to Moss, expressing optimism about the future prospects of the collaboration. With production facilities across the US, Germany, Poland, and now the UK, Moss aims to consistently support clients worldwide in delivering exceptional branded experiences.

Burges Salmon is known for its robust Corporate practice and extensive experience across diverse industries, including the creative sector. The firm's international focus assists overseas clients entering the UK market and aids UK-based businesses in their global expansion efforts. By offering comprehensive advice across multiple jurisdictions, Burges Salmon serves multinational corporations, entrepreneurial ventures, and high net worth individuals and families.

The collaboration between Burges Salmon and Moss underscores the evolving landscape of international business transactions, emphasizing the importance of strategic acquisitions and cross-border expansion in the contemporary market.