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LCF Law's pledge to raise thousands for Yorkshire cancer research in 2024

LCF Law's pledge to raise thousands for Yorkshire cancer research in 2024


LCF Law commits to fundraising for Yorkshire Cancer Research through marathons, cycling challenges, and office collaborations

LCF Law, a prominent Yorkshire-based law firm, has declared its dedication to raising substantial funds for Yorkshire Cancer Research, the chosen charity for 2024. The firm, with four offices across Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, and Ilkley, involves its 145 employees in selecting the annual charity through presentations and votes.

Having successfully raised £10,000 for the Bone Cancer Trust last year, the firm's conveyancing team member, Sarah McCann, advocated for Yorkshire Cancer Research in 2024. Fundraising activities include a Leeds Half Marathon participation by 13 team members and a 'Tour De LCF Law' cycle challenge covering the distance from Yorkshire to Nice, totalling 1,064 miles.

Collaborating with PureGym, the firm set up static bikes in offices, encouraging employees to contribute miles through cycling, running, walking, or rowing. Sarah McCann emphasised the personal impact of cancer, citing a close friend's battle with breast cancer and the urgency to support cancer prevention research.

The main fundraiser, the half marathon, showcases resilience, with Sarah's friend participating despite a life-limiting diagnosis. LCF Law plans ongoing fundraising throughout the year, with the firm matching funds raised to double the impact.

Funds raised will benefit Yorkshire Cancer Research, a leading charity since 1925, supporting vital research to prevent, detect, and treat cancer effectively. The charity's focus is on improving cancer survival rates through innovative research and services.

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