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Laying down the law: from scholarships to notable graduate roles, the Salford law students making their mark

Laying down the law: from scholarships to notable graduate roles, the Salford law students making their mark


Four Salford Law graduates excel with first-class degrees and secure prestigious scholarships, awards, and career opportunities.

This July, University of Salford Business School students Deborah Okanlawon, Lucy Wall, Sanaz Saf Shekan, and Sumain Bi are celebrating their graduation with first-class LLB Law degrees and promising futures in the legal field. Each student has not only achieved academic excellence but has also laid down significant foundations for their careers.

Sumain Bi, the first in her family to attend university, has been awarded the prestigious Salford Bridge Scholarship with BPP. This scholarship will cover £5,000 of her Solicitor’s Qualifying Examination (SQE) fees, furthering her legal career. Juggling two jobs during her studies, Sumain graduates with a first-class degree and is recognised for her hard work and determination.

Sanaz Saf Shekan, another first-class graduate, has been honored with the Aya Hachem Memorial Prize for Best Civic Contribution. Sanaz's exceptional volunteer work at the University’s SILKs Law Clinic, particularly in housing and family law cases, earned her this accolade. This prize, named in memory of a beloved student, comes with a monetary award of £500.

Deborah Okanlawon, also graduating with a first-class degree, has secured a training contract with the global law firm DLA Piper. After a placement year with Express Solicitors, Deborah continued part-time work while studying. She now prepares for the SQE and her future role as a Commercial Lawyer.

Lucy Wall, who led the University’s law society, Level Up Law, aims to become a Paralegal in employment, family, or housing law. Through her Instagram account, @lucyslegaljourney, Lucy has shared her path into the legal sector, inspiring other aspiring lawyers. Her practical experiences with various legal organisations complement her academic achievements.

Louise Hall, Senior Lecturer in Law at Salford Business School, praises these students for their dedication and commitment, highlighting their success in balancing studies, volunteer work, placements, and networking. Their achievements are a testament to their hard work and the supportive environment at Salford Business School.

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