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Hannah Gannagé-Stewart

Deputy Editor, Solicitors Journal

LawCare partners with academics on mental health initiative

LawCare partners with academics on mental health initiative


Mental health and wellbeing charity LawCare has teamed up with academics from the University of Sheffield and The Open University to launch a free online resource for lawyers.

Fit for Law is a course that takes between two and four hours to complete. It is broken down into manageable sections, and includes videos from legal professionals discussing wellbeing issues as well as a range of interactive activities.

The project is part of an on-going mission to promote psychologically and emotionally healthier ways of working within law and was developed based on evidence from focus groups with legal professionals across the UK and Ireland.

LawCare CEO Elizabeth Rimmer (pictured) said: “We know from our work in supporting lawyers for over 20 years how difficult it is for lawyers to admit they are struggling with the pressures of work – which often leads them to seek help when they are nearing crisis. We want to change this.

“Providing legal professionals with resources to enable them to understand and develop key emotional competencies such as emotional self-awareness, self-reflection and better strategies for emotional self-regulation will equip them more effectively for practice, enhance their wellbeing and potentially reduce levels of stress, anxiety and depression.” 

Dr Emma Jones, senior lecturer in Law at the University of Sheffield added: “The course being launched focuses on Managing And Understanding Yourself and offers legal professionals practical tips, based on sound evidence, to assist them in developing healthier working practices to enhance their wellbeing. We are also developing a further course on Working With Others and a tool kit for employers, to encourage positive organisational and cultural change in the legal workplace.”

The resources are available to everyone studying law or working in the legal profession in the UK and Ireland and could be used as CPD in some jurisdictions.

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