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Law Squared revolutionises land access for renewable energy projects

Law Squared revolutionises land access for renewable energy projects


Melbourne-based Law Squared unveils an innovative Energy + Infrastructure practice, leveraging technology and multidisciplinary expertise

Demetrio Zema, Founder + Director of Law Squared, highlights the importance of streamlining land access for Australia's renewable energy and infrastructure projects, crucial for the nation's energy transition and net-zero objectives. Law Squared's approach focuses on efficient project management and transparent engagement with affected landowners and communities.

Zema emphasises the firm's use of cutting-edge technologies to enhance the land access process, aiming to increase positive landholder engagement, improve social license adoption, and provide comprehensive data insights.

Traditional land acquisition methods, largely unchanged for decades, are being transformed by Law Squared's technology-driven approach. By integrating legal expertise, project management, and technology under a fixed-cost model, the firm offers clients cost certainty and strategic visibility throughout the process.

The multidisciplinary team, led by experienced property lawyers, project managers, and technologists, provides end-to-end solutions for energy and infrastructure clients. Services include legal project planning, technology design, and efficient legal delivery, all aimed at simplifying land acquisition complexities.

Nino Ficca, Law Squared Advisory Board Chair, applauds the firm's shift towards outcome-focused solutions, transferring risk

from clients to Law Squared. This innovative approach incentivises deep understanding of project needs, efficiency optimisation, and technology leverage, ultimately benefiting both clients and the broader community.

Ficca emphasises the critical role of such innovative approaches in accelerating Australia's transition to cleaner energy and more sustainable land management practices. Law Squared's pioneering efforts signal a brighter, more efficient future for renewable energy projects and landholder engagement in Australia.