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Law Society president applauds SRA progress

Law Society president applauds SRA progress


There are calls for scrutiny amid concerns about Axiom Ince intervention

The Legal Services Board’s (LSB) Regulatory Performance Assessment report has sparked discussions within the legal community. Law Society of England and Wales president, Nick Emmerson, has weighed in on the findings, shedding light on both progress and potential areas of concern.

Nick Emmerson emphasises the pivotal role confidence in regulatory bodies plays in upholding the rule of law. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), responsible for overseeing legal professionals in England and Wales, has maintained a 'sufficient' assessment rating, signalling progress in the eyes of the Law Society.

One noteworthy development highlighted by Nick Emmerson is the SRA's assumption of control over the Solicitors Indemnity Fund in May. This move underscores the SRA's commitment to upholding high professional standards and ensuring long-term consumer protections.

However, the report also brings attention to the SRA's intervention in the Axiom Ince case, with the LSB acknowledging that this incident and the subsequent review are not factored into the assessment. Nick Emmerson raises a crucial point, asserting that if the LSB's review uncovers any shortcomings in the SRA's actions pre-intervention, a reconsideration of the ratings would be warranted.

Turning the spotlight to CILEx Regulation Ltd (CRL), responsible for regulating Chartered Legal Executives, Nick Emmerson acknowledges improvements in its performance. The LSB rates CRL comparably to other regulators it oversees, including the Bar Standards Board. Nick Emmerson reiterates the belief that CRL remains the optimal entity for providing specialised regulation tailored to CILEX members.

As legal professionals and the public closely monitor the regulatory landscape, Nick Emmerson's commentary emphasises the delicate balance required for effective legal regulation. Confidence in regulatory bodies is not only vital for the legal profession but also crucial for maintaining the integrity of the judicial system. The LSB's report serves as a compass, guiding the legal community towards continuous improvement and ensuring the robustness of legal regulation in the face of evolving challenges.