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Law Society of Scotland unveils modern logo to mark 75th anniversary

Law Society of Scotland unveils modern logo to mark 75th anniversary


The Law Society introduces a contemporary logo symbolising its role in a dynamic, inclusive, and sustainable legal sector

The Law Society of Scotland has revealed a new logo coinciding with its 75th anniversary, aiming to reflect the organisation's central role in Scotland's contemporary, dynamic, inclusive, and sustainable legal sector.

Diane McGiffen, Chief Executive of the Law Society of Scotland, expressed her delight in launching the new look during the Society's milestone year. She emphasised the Law Society's crucial role for its members and their service to people, businesses, and communities in Scotland and beyond.

The redesigned logo is crafted to seamlessly integrate into digital platforms, aligning with the modern era. Additionally, the Society's coat of arms underwent a refresh, honouring the longstanding heritage and traditions of the solicitor profession.

Sheila Webster, President of the Law Society of Scotland, shared her excitement about the new logo, stating that it mirrors the bright future for the Society and Scottish solicitors globally. The decision for the change was considered carefully by the Law Society's Council, and the timing was deemed right for the launch. Webster highlighted the Society's continuous evolution to meet the changing needs of its members and the evolving legal landscape. The new logo aims to present a simple, clear identity, demonstrating the Society's commitment to modernisation, innovation in technology, regulation, inclusiveness, and sustainability, all in the interest of its members and the public.

For those interested in visuals, the Law Society provides the option to download the new logo in formats optimised for both digital and print use.

The Law Society of Scotland, established in 1949, serves as the professional body for over 13,000 Scottish solicitors. With a mission to lead legal excellence, the Society sets and upholds standards to ensure the delivery of excellent legal services, fostering public confidence in Scotland's legal profession. Beyond its regulatory duties, the Law Society holds a statutory obligation to work in the public interest, actively engaging with governments, parliaments, stakeholders, and its membership to influence the creation of a fairer and more just society, upholding the rule of law.