How exactly did an enthusiasm for taekwondo revolutionise how barristers' direct services are advertised to the public? SJ hears from Daniel ShenSmith

In my private life, as a fifth dan international martial arts instructor, I receive many requests for one-to-one coaching on training and technique. However, the four
or so hours each week I once volunteered to answer these requests was not enough. I created a YouTube channel to deliver coaching on-demand.
A little over three years later, that channel has now delivered more than 165 years' worth of four-hour weekly coaching to students worldwide.

Now the ShenSmith team
and I are bringing the same innovation and leverage to clients on behalf of the Bar - cue, which provides direct access barrister services. Sunil Rupasinha and Stephen Harvey QC of 1 Gray's Inn Square we...

Jean-Yves Gilg
Solicitors Journal

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