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One of the flagship initiatives of Spilka is an educational program in collaboration with the University of Law

Kennedys supports over 350 Ukrainian lawyers

Kennedys supports over 350 Ukrainian lawyers


In a gesture of solidarity and support, Kennedys, a global law firm, has spearheaded an initiative to aid displaced Ukrainian lawyers in furthering their careers in the UK

Through a network called Spilka UK, which translates to 'community' in Ukrainian, Kennedys has provided a platform for over 350 Ukrainian legal professionals to access educational resources, English tutoring, and various networking opportunities since its establishment in February 2023.

Spilka operates as more than just a professional network; it serves as a beacon of hope for Ukrainian lawyers seeking to rebuild their careers amidst the turmoil of war. The network, supported by Kennedys, aims not only to assist individuals in their personal and professional development but also to contribute to Ukraine's post-war recovery and the re-establishment of the rule of law.

One of the flagship initiatives of Spilka is an educational program in collaboration with the University of Law. This program delivers monthly practical lectures on topics crucial for legal practice, such as freedom of expression in the context of content regulation by multiple states and the role of NGOs in international law. Additionally, Spilka offers English language support, a CV submission platform provided by recruiters, practical webinars, and opportunities for members to visit prestigious legal institutions like the Supreme Court.

The leadership team of Spilka comprises a mix of legal professionals, including Kennedys' partner Alexandra Rodina, consultant Konstantin Saranchuk, legal director Alexander Scard, and Natalia Hniezdilova, along with Oleg Shaulko from Stephenson Harwood and Nataliia Savonik, formerly from Shell.

Individual success stories abound within the Spilka community. Alexandr Chernykh, a seasoned banking and finance lawyer, highlights the value of mentorship and knowledge exchange facilitated by Spilka. For Maryna Makarova, active participation in Spilka events has opened doors to enhancing her understanding of UK law and refining her English language skills, crucial steps towards transitioning her Ukrainian qualification to the SQE pathway to qualify as a UK lawyer.

Alexandra Rodina, partner at Kennedys, emphasises the mission of Spilka to empower displaced legal professionals, providing them with guidance, a sense of belonging, and the necessary skills to navigate employment opportunities in the UK. Kennedys' commitment extends beyond Spilka, with the firm also offering a Ukrainian desk to support Ukrainian clients and foreign investors in various sectors of the Ukrainian economy.

In a time of uncertainty and upheaval, Kennedys' support for Ukrainian lawyers through initiatives like Spilka demonstrates the power of community and collaboration in fostering resilience and facilitating professional growth. As these legal professionals navigate new horizons, they carry with them the hope of a brighter future for themselves and their homeland.