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Kennedys Partners with Bright Tide

Kennedys Partners with Bright Tide


Kennedys law firm collaborates with Bright Tide for a worldwide initiative tackling biodiversity and climate change

In response to the escalating challenges of biodiversity loss and climate change, Kennedys, a global law firm, has joined forces with environmental consultancy Bright Tide to launch a Regenerative Farming Accelerator. This pioneering initiative aims to address the urgent need for sustainable food production by supporting businesses that combat biodiversity loss and climate change through regenerative land and ocean farming practices.

The alarming convergence of environmental crises, as emphasized in Kennedys' Global Forecast 2024: Evolving insurance risks report, has brought biodiversity loss to the forefront alongside climate risk. The United Nations Environment Programme identifies agriculture as the primary driver of biodiversity loss, posing a threat to thousands of species. Recognising the pivotal role of technological advancements in resolving the climate emergency, Kennedys is stepping up to provide support and expertise.

Twenty businesses worldwide will participate in an eight-week program starting in March, developing innovative solutions for regenerative land and ocean farming. Kennedys, as a founding partner, will offer legal support, technical guidance, and participate in networking events, including those at the House of Commons.

Joining Kennedys as founding partners are Bankers for Net Zero, Hogan Lovells, Credit Nature, Eco Suli, Cadman Capital Group, and Base Business and Sustainable Enterprise. The program's culmination will feature a showcase event at Barclays, where businesses will pitch for future investment and corporate support.

The selected businesses span both land and sea, including Nunwell Farm, New Foundation Farms, Wildfarmed, Algapelago, Atlantic Mariculture, and others. Monica Tocarruncho Mantilla, a partner at Kennedys, emphasizes the firm's commitment to driving change and finding innovative solutions to address global challenges.

Deborah Newberry, corporate affairs director for Kennedys, anticipates the integration of transformative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain into the program, fostering a collaborative environment. Kate Hursthouse, global head of responsible business for Kennedys, emphasizes the firm's dedication to making a positive impact globally and actively seeking opportunities to address shared challenges. The collaboration with Bright Tide represents a step towards being a responsible global business that leads by example in the fight against biodiversity loss and climate change.