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Ken Dalling elected head of UK delegation to CCBE

Ken Dalling elected head of UK delegation to CCBE


Former president of the Law Society of Scotland, Ken Dalling, has been elected to serve as the new Head of the UK Delegation to the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE)

This significant appointment comes as a testament to his esteemed reputation within the legal profession and his commitment to representing the interests of UK lawyers on the European stage.

Mr. Dalling's election to this pivotal role was met with a clear majority vote from UK delegates, signalling widespread support for his leadership. He succeeds Hugh Mercer KC, stepping into the shoes of his predecessor with a determination to build upon the progress made during his tenure.

Expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to serve, Ken Dalling stated, "It is an honour to take up the role of the new Head of the UK Delegation to the CCBE and to represent the diverse needs of UK lawyers in Europe." He acknowledged the exemplary leadership of Hugh Mercer KC and pledged to continue his legacy of advocating for the profession.

The CCBE holds a crucial position in the European legal landscape, serving as a platform for collaboration and advocacy among legal professionals across the continent. With a membership encompassing bars and law societies from 46 countries, it plays a vital role in shaping legal policies and standards on a pan-European scale.

Ken Dalling brings with him a wealth of experience, having served as President of the Law Society of Scotland from 2021 to 2022. His longstanding involvement in the legal community, including his role as Convener of the Society's Client Protection Sub-Committee, equips him well to navigate the complexities of representing UK lawyers at the international level.

In assuming this leadership position, Mr. Dalling is committed to amplifying the voices of legal practitioners in Scotland and across the UK within the CCBE. He emphasised, "The CCBE has an important role, representing more than one million lawyers across Europe - It is a privilege to be part of that, and I will dedicate my term in office to ensuring that the voices of the profession in Scotland and across the UK are heard."

As the new Head of the UK Delegation to the CCBE, Ken Dalling stands ready to champion the interests of UK lawyers, uphold the values of the legal profession, and foster collaboration across borders for the benefit of legal practitioners and the communities they serve.