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Kelly Greig TEP Elected Worldwide Chair of STEP

Kelly Greig TEP Elected Worldwide Chair of STEP


Steele Raymond Partner Assumes Leadership Role in Esteemed Global Professional Body

Kelly Greig TEP, Partner and Head of Estate Planning and Tax at Steele Raymond, is set to take the helm as the worldwide Chair of STEP, commencing from 1st January 2024. Her election follows the tenure of Tony Pitcher TEP, concluding on 31st December 2023.

The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) is a revered global professional entity that congregates legal, accounting, trustee, and other professional practitioners committed to aiding families in orchestrating their future financial strategies.

Boasting a membership exceeding 21,000 professionals across the globe, STEP’s fundamental mission revolves around instilling assurance within families as they blueprint their asset management across successive generations. Full STEP members, denoted as TEPs, such as Kelly, stand recognised internationally for their eminence in the field, backed by substantial qualifications and experience.

Expressing her elation at assuming the Chair, Kelly remarked, "I am thrilled to be entrusted with the role of Chair of STEP and am eagerly anticipating the journey ahead in steering our organisation towards the future."

Kelly outlined three pivotal focal points for her tenure as Chair. "My primary emphasis will be on steering STEP's evolution, ensuring our adaptability to the evolving needs of our clients, regulators, and stakeholders," she asserted. "Secondly, I aim to propel STEP into a genuinely global entity, fortifying our presence in existing regions while exploring new avenues for growth. Lastly, nurturing the next generation by attracting, nurturing, and retaining new members remains a key objective. I am enthusiastic about collaborating with fellow global members to fortify and enhance STEP’s success."

Mark Walley, STEP’s Chief Executive, expressed his excitement about Kelly’s election, commending her wealth of expertise and fervour for the role. He emphasised her dedication to fostering equality, diversity, and inclusion, anticipating her contributions to further build upon the achievements of Tony, the outgoing Chair.

Assuming leadership over STEP’s Board of Directors, Kelly will oversee the strategic direction of the Society. These board members, elected by and from STEP’s worldwide Council, bear legal responsibility for steering the organisation.

Accompanying Kelly's appointment, STEP welcomed new Deputy Chairs, Rod Luker TEP and Paolo Panico TEP, alongside board member Pamela Cross TEP. The Board for 2024 also comprises Assad Abdullatiff TEP, Michael Olesnicky TEP, Tony Pitcher TEP, and Mark Walley, STEP’s Chief Executive.

Kelly Greig’s ascension to the global Chairmanship marks a significant chapter in STEP’s trajectory, underlining a commitment to continued excellence and growth in serving families worldwide.