In our August 2022 Foreword, Chaynee Hodgetts considers changing times…

As the Summer of 2022 makes legal history, both politically, and for the unprecedented direct action by counsel (and others) across the country, welcome to the August 2022 issue of Solicitors Journal. This month, we’ll be reflecting on this – and as wide a range of topics as ever – as temperatures, and tensions, rise across the country.

I write this from a train – the first direct train to London I’ve managed to get in two years – on my way to a (CBA action exempt) Magistrates’ Court trial, having been delayed overnight due to cancellations from our ‘mini-heatwave.’ Travel delays are becoming our new normal, with disruption becoming the rule rather than the exception. This ...

Chaynee Hodgetts
Features and Opinion Editor & Barrister
Solicitors Journal & Libertas Chambers

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