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Joanna Lumley leads crusade to save Vultures at celebrity city charity event

Joanna Lumley leads crusade to save Vultures at celebrity city charity event


Hosted by Hogan Lovells on May 23, 2024, the event brings together celebrities, conservationists, and industry leaders to raise awareness about the critical role vultures play in ecosystems.

Dame Joanna Lumley is set to lead a star-studded charity event to launch a global conservation initiative aimed at saving vultures from extinction. .

"Vultures are a great friend to man but are disappearing almost without us even noticing," Lumley passionately stated. "I've had an affinity with these incredible creatures since I was very small. In India, 99% of some species have been lost, causing devastating knock-on effects like rampant rabies and significant economic costs."

The event, named “Flight Of The Vultures,” is organised by Conservation Without Borders (CWB) in collaboration with key supporters such as The Legal Sustainability Alliance, Bankers for Net Zero, and the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation. Sacha Dench, UN Ambassador for the Convention on Migratory Species and CEO of CWB, emphasised the importance of vulture conservation, highlighting their role in maintaining healthy ecosystems.

Adrian Walker, Head of ESG at Hogan Lovells, expressed his enthusiasm: “Natural capital and biodiversity conservation are now getting the attention they need. Global corporates have the reach to operate without borders in a way that national governments and individuals cannot. We should all engage as it’s the right thing to do and increasingly it’s becoming the law.”

Other notable speakers include Colin Galbraith, Chair of NatureScot; Prof. Debbie Pain from Cambridge University; and Jemima Parry-Jones MBE, CEO of The International Centre for Birds of Prey. Attendees will also enjoy immersive experiences and live art, with appearances by mythical creatures from Jim Henson Studios.

Amanda Carpenter, CEO of The Legal Sustainability Alliance, highlighted the urgency: “We urgently need to turn the tide on species decline, and vultures are key to ecosystems across the globe. Sacha Dench’s conservation efforts are inspiring in their ambition and realisation.”

Heather Buchanan, CEO of Bankers for Net Zero, echoed the sentiment: “Protecting vultures isn't just an ecological imperative; it's a strategic investment in our shared future. Understanding how we can mitigate biodiversity loss is now paramount.”

Andrew Fox, Chairman of Trustees at the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation, added, “The role of vultures, albeit unpopular, is to clean up the ecosystem so all can thrive safely.”

The event promises to be an exciting blend of education, entertainment, and advocacy, aiming to unite diverse sectors in the fight to save these crucial yet often misunderstood birds.