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Hannah Gannagé-Stewart

Deputy Editor, Solicitors Journal

JLD launches 'community platform'

JLD launches 'community platform'


The Junior Lawyers Division (JLD) of the Law Society have this week launched a pilot online community for members, in partnership with platform provider Ugenie

JLD launches ‘community platform’

The platform provides a means of contact between regional junior lawyers groups and JLDs

as the country remains under strict social distancing rules to stop the spread of covid-19.

While the junior lawyer community can't provide its usual events for members to attend, it

has decided it can provide a space where junior lawyers can talk to each other, receive

relevant content and updates specific to them.

The online hub also provides a means for keeping in touch with others going through the

same uncertain times and specifically in their own regions.

The pilot will run for the next three months in order to see what works and whether it is

worth continuing in the future.

The JLD is encouraging all those who fall into its membership (LPC students, LPC graduates,

solicitor apprentices, trainees and those who are 0-5 years qualified) and are part of their

local junior lawyers group to join the platform and provide feedback on it.

The pandemic has caused widespread uncertainty for students, trainees and newly qualified

lawyers as universities and firms face tough decisions about how to continue training and

employing young lawyers at this time.