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Independent inquiry into the miscarriage of justice for Andrew Malkinson

Independent inquiry into the miscarriage of justice for Andrew Malkinson


An inquiry examines the wrongful conviction of Andrew Malkinson, focusing on police and judicial failings

The Ministry of Justice announced an independent inquiry into the miscarriage of justice endured by Andrew Malkinson. The inquiry, which commenced on October 26, 2023, aims to scrutinise the handling of Malkinson's case by Greater Manchester Police, the Crown Prosecution Service, and the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

Inquiry Objectives: The inquiry will examine all phases of the case, from initial police investigations through to the criminal trial and Malkinson's subsequent appeals. This comprehensive review seeks to identify the failures that led to his wrongful conviction and nearly two decades of unjust imprisonment.

Leadership: Her Honour Judge Sarah Munro KC (pictured) chairs the inquiry. Judge Munro's distinguished career in criminal law and her previous involvement in high-profile inquests position her to lead this significant investigation. She emphasised the inquiry’s dedication to uncovering the truth and ensuring accountability within the justice system.

Counsel Team:

  • Sophie Cartwright KC, Counsel to the Inquiry, brings extensive experience from other major public inquiries.
  • Juliet Wells, known for her expertise in human rights and public law, contributes her significant experience from the Grenfell Tower Inquiry.
  • Megan Millar, specialising in public and criminal law, adds her background from the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry.

Legal and Procedural Guidance:

  • Farhana Rahman-Cook, the Solicitor to the Inquiry, will advise on legal and procedural matters, leveraging her background in criminal defense and previous inquiry roles.
  • Clare Toogood, as Secretary to the Inquiry, will facilitate operations and communications between the inquiry and the Ministry of Justice.

The inquiry underscores a commitment to ensuring that the justice system learns from past mistakes to prevent future miscarriages of justice.

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