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Ignition earns B Corp accreditation: a testament to sustainable business practices

Ignition earns B Corp accreditation: a testament to sustainable business practices


Securing B Corp accreditation is a significant milestone, reflecting Ignition's commitment to conducting business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner

The rigorous assessment process involves evaluating a company's performance across its supply chain, emphasising social and environmental impact.

Undergoing the 'B Impact Assessment,' which comprises a comprehensive 200-question survey, Ignition showcased its environmental performance. To attain accreditation, firms must score 80 points or higher, a threshold that many businesses struggle to meet initially.

The attainment of B Corp accreditation highlights Ignition's positive workplace culture, cultivated through employee-centric policies fostering empowerment, value, and motivation among colleagues. The firm's leadership team's unwavering commitment has facilitated the establishment of initiatives such as a diversity panel and an internal wellbeing officer, addressing industry challenges proactively.

Furthermore, Ignition demonstrates its environmental commitment by actively supporting 'Trees for Cities,' a charity dedicated to urban reforestation and promoting greener urban environments.

Alex McPherson, Founder and Partner at Ignition Law, expressed his delight, stating, "Becoming B Corp accredited is a significant achievement for Ignition. It signifies our commitment to accountability for social and environmental performance, aligning with our long-term strategy of being a force for good."

With only a limited number of UK businesses, including a few law firms, holding B Corp accreditation, Ignition joins an elite group dedicated to upholding high ethical standards and promoting sustainable business practices.

Ignition's accreditation serves as a beacon for businesses seeking to align with partners sharing similar values, emphasising action over rhetoric. As McPherson notes, B Corp certification transcends mere accreditation; it signifies active participation in a community dedicated to fostering positive societal and environmental impact.

In achieving B Corp accreditation, Ignition reaffirms its position as a leader in ethical and sustainable business practices within the legal industry, setting a commendable example for peers and aspiring businesses alike.