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ICO Gives green light to UK GDPR-certified scheme

ICO Gives green light to UK GDPR-certified scheme


UK GDPR-certified scheme for legal services ensures data protection compliance, inspiring trust and safeguarding personal information

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has given its stamp of approval to a certification scheme designed specifically for legal service providers involved in processing personal data. Certification schemes, introduced under the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), serve as a tool for organizations to showcase their adherence to data protection requirements. This, in turn, fosters trust and confidence among the users of their products, processes, and services.

Emily Keaney, ICO Deputy Commissioner, highlighted the significance of this certification scheme for legal service providers, including law firms and barristers' chambers, which handle substantial amounts of sensitive personal data. By opting for this certification scheme, these providers gain assurance that they are upholding data protection standards. Moreover, it reduces the time and resources spent on evaluating third-party data processors. Additionally, it sends a clear message to clients that these service providers are dedicated to safeguarding their personal details and have robust information security measures in place.

The Legal Services Operational Privacy Certification Scheme now stands as the fifth set of UK GDPR certification criteria approved by the ICO. This scheme joins the ranks of four others, which have successfully navigated the approval process and are accessible on the ICO website. These include a scheme for secure re-use and disposal of IT assets, two focused on areas like age assurance and children's online privacy, and one aimed at training and qualification service providers.

In summary, the ICO's approval of the Legal Services Operational Privacy Certification Scheme adds another layer of assurance for legal service providers, ensuring that they meet and exceed data protection standards. This not only streamlines their operations but also in-stills confidence in clients regarding the security of their personal information.