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David Vascott

News, Features and Opinion Editor, Solicitors Journal

HMCTS seeks feedback in communications and engagement survey

HMCTS seeks feedback in communications and engagement survey


HM Courts and Tribunals Service is looking for views on how it can improve the way it engages with court and tribunal users.

The deadline for submissions to the survey is 11 August. All responses are anonymous. You can respond to the survey here.

In a press release on the survey, HMCTS said:

As part of our regular cycle to keep improving in this area, we’ve launched our latest survey to gather feedback on how we communicate and engage with court and tribunal users (including legal professionals, the advice sector, contractors and the police).

With the justice system playing a crucial role in society, effective communication and engagement are essential to ensure transparency, accessibility, and trust.

From social media and GOV.UK, to blogs and email newsletters, working groups, forums and webinars, we use lots of different ways to communicate with people who work in courts and tribunals.

By proactively seeking input from those involved, we demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement and a courts and tribunals system that focuses on those who use it.

The survey is designed to capture a broad range of perspectives, covering various aspects of communication and engagement, such as:

  • are the right channels being used to reach the right people at the right time?
  • is the right level of detail provided?
  • what could we do better?


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