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HMCTS appoints new non-executive director to board

HMCTS appoints new non-executive director to board


Luisa Fulci has been appointed to the HMCTS Board by the Lord Chancellor, Lady Chief Justice, and the Senior President of Tribunals, effective from 1st April 2024

Bringing a wealth of experience in commercial and digital transformation within customer-facing organizations, Luisa has operated at board level for 10 years. She currently serves as the Digital, Customer, and Commercial Services Director for Dudley Metropolitan Council and previously held a non-executive director position at East Kent Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust.

Sir Richard Broadbent, Chairman of the HMCTS Board, expressed confidence in Luisa's ability to contribute effectively to the Board, citing her extensive executive experience in managing transformational change, digitization, and customer relationships.

As part of her new role, Luisa will play a key role in monitoring operational performance, contributing to strategy development, ensuring high standards of corporate governance, and managing risk within HMCTS's operations.

The appointment of Luisa Fulci reflects HMCTS's commitment to effective governance and strategic oversight in its operations.