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Hempsons LLP Elevates 11 New Junior Equity Partners

Hempsons LLP Elevates 11 New Junior Equity Partners


Health and social care law specialists, Hempsons LLP, have made a significant stride in their partnership structure by appointing 11 new junior equity partners

This strategic move aims to bolster the firm's capacity to attract and retain top talent in healthcare law, facilitating sustained growth across all sectors within the health and social care domain.

Managing Partner, Graham Lea, articulated the firm's vision for a progressive and modern partnership model, aligning with its transition to LLP status. Lea emphasised the pivotal role these new appointments will play in nurturing entrepreneurial spirit and diverse talents within the firm, propelling it forward into the next phase of development.

Let's meet the new junior equity partners:

  1. Gautam Chawla: Specialising in healthcare litigation, particularly clinical negligence claims, Gautam brings extensive experience in a wide array of cases ranging from dental to spinal injury claims.
  2. Martin Cheyne: Focused on defending factually complex and legally novel claims, Martin's expertise lies in representing health and social care organisations, particularly in cases related to discrimination and whistle-blowing allegations.
  3. Andrew Daly: Head of procurement within Hempsons' specialist procurement law team, Andrew provides pragmatic advice on procurement processes and challenges, drawing from his experience working with clients on both sides of the fence.
  4. James Down: Leading Hempsons' inquest team in the north, James is a seasoned advocate representing organisations and individuals in complex and high-profile inquests, with a focus on mental health and hospital-related deaths.
  5. Philippa Doyle: With over two decades of experience in the health and social care sector, Philippa heads the social care team, offering advice and support to various providers on a range of issues.
  6. Richard Greensit: Renowned for his expertise in healthcare litigation, Richard represents clients in litigation against NHS trusts and medical practitioners, providing advocacy services to mental health and acute hospital trusts.
  7. Liz Hackett: Specialising in healthcare advice and litigation, Liz's primary practice areas include inquests, investigations, and mental health law, serving clients across the NHS, private health providers, and the public sector.
  8. Stephen Maratos: Leading the litigation team in the Newcastle office, Stephen specialises in clinical negligence claims, representing both NHS Resolution and private individuals in a variety of cases.
  9. Bryn Morgan: A real estate lawyer with a diverse clientele, Bryn's expertise lies in representing clients in various real estate transactions, with a particular focus on GPs and healthcare professionals.
  10. Richard Nolan: Heading the commercial dispute resolution team, Richard's practice encompasses a broad mix of commercial law and dispute resolution, often involving high-value and complex public sector matters.
  11. Patricia Roe: With over 20 years' experience in healthcare law, primarily in clinical negligence claims, Patricia represents both NHS and private clients in a range of cases.

These new appointments signify Hempsons LLP's commitment to nurturing talent and reinforcing its position as a leader in health and social care law. With their diverse expertise and dedication, the new junior equity partners are poised to make significant contributions to the firm's continued success and growth.