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Harper Collins apologises and compensates Emmy Tayler in libel case

Harper Collins apologises and compensates Emmy Tayler in libel case


Emmy Tayler, represented by Mark Manley of Manleys Solicitors, secures vindication and damages in defamation case against Harper Collins

In a significant legal victory, Emmy Tayler, represented by Mark Manley, the Managing Director of Chester-based Manleys Solicitors, achieved a successful resolution in a libel case against Harper Collins Publishers Ltd. The case revolved around the publication of the book "The Perversion of Justice" by Julie K Brown, which wrongly associated Ms. Tayler with supporting the activities of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

The book falsely placed Ms. Tayler at Epstein's residence, despite her being thousands of miles away at the time, and having long ceased working as Maxwell's administration assistant. Distraught by the inaccurate portrayal, Ms. Tayler, who had previously collaborated with the FBI and other investigations to aid victims of Epstein and Maxwell, took legal action.

The "meaning hearing" in 2022, presided over by Mr. Justice Pepperall, determined that the publication was defamatory and likely to cause serious harm to Ms. Tayler. Seeking swift redress, Manleys urged Harper Collins to pulp unsold copies and halt both online and hard copy sales, arguing that the publisher's efforts to restrict circulation were insufficient.

Mark Manley, serving as counsel for Ms. Tayler, continued to fight for justice on both sides of the Atlantic. In late 2023, he appeared in the Southern District of New York for an appeal hearing. Additionally, lawyers in Miami and New York, instructed by Manleys on behalf of Ms. Tayler, took legal action in the USA alongside the ongoing UK libel proceedings.

This week, in the High Court in London, Harper Collins "unconditionally" apologised to Ms. Tayler, acknowledging the wrongful publication and confirming the payment of damages and legal costs. Mark Manley expressed his client's satisfaction at finally receiving complete vindication and Harper Collins' apology.

In a statement, Mr. Manley noted the culmination of over two years of persistence and resilience by Emmy Tayler. He emphasised the rarity of challenging one of the world's largest publishers and praised Ms. Tayler's courage in setting the record straight. The success in this libel case serves as a testament to the pursuit of truth against false allegations, ironically encapsulated in the book's title, "The Perversion of Justice."

This legal triumph for Emmy Tayler follows closely on the heels of Manleys Solicitors announcing their representation of Los Angeles-based Oscar-nominated Nasrin Choudhury, showcasing the firm's commitment to advocating for justice and truth.