Chaynee Hodgetts scrutinises the risk of false positive alcohol metabolite testing results

Prior to the pandemic, hand sanitiser was a little-used item, perhaps occasionally found in the bottom of a handbag or gym kit – but, in 2019, its use increased exponentially, to the point of supply chain unavailability. With sanitiser points now readily available in many public places, including transport hubs, public lavatories, workplaces and shops, most people now sanitise frequently during the day, often giving it little thought. It is also now not uncommon to carry a personal bottle of sanitiser, leading to its application being yet more frequent. Furthermore, at many venues, companies and facilities seek visitors sanitise their hands upon arrival. From the perspective of preventing the spread of touch-borne pathogens, this m...

Chaynee Hodgetts
Features and Opinion Editor
Solicitors Journal

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