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Hall & Wilcox advises indigenous enterprise Taarna Enterprises on significant acquisition

Hall & Wilcox advises indigenous enterprise Taarna Enterprises on significant acquisition


Hall & Wilcox, in a pro bono effort, guides Taarna Enterprises in acquiring a glass and aluminum business in Alice Springs

In a commendable pro bono initiative, Hall & Wilcox, a prominent law firm, played a pivotal role in advising Taarna Enterprises, an Indigenous corporation, on the acquisition of a glass and aluminum business and the associated land in Alice Springs. The Northern Territory Government granted $3.5 million to Taarna Enterprises for this purpose, with the condition that the business operates as a for-profit social enterprise, fostering Indigenous employment and training in Alice Springs and remote communities in Central Australia.

The Hall & Wilcox team, led by partners Brad Marland and Jacqui Barrett, demonstrated their commitment to social impact by contributing pro bono services to facilitate this transformative business venture. Jacqui and lawyer Alexander Connolly provided essential advice on the acquisition of the glass and aluminum business, ensuring a smooth transaction. Meanwhile, Brad and lawyer Jordan Petrie focused on handling property matters associated with the acquisition.

The comprehensive legal support extended beyond the business acquisition, with Partner Jim Koutsokostas and lawyers Luke Raams and Bradley White advising on stamp duty considerations. Additionally, Partners Aaron Dearden and Fay Calderone, along with Senior Associate Jarrad McAuliffe, provided crucial advice on the employment transfer of business matters.

Expressing his optimism about the venture, Brad Marland stated, "There are numerous Indigenous entrepreneurs who have wonderful business ideas that can transform their communities. Sometimes these Indigenous entrepreneurs need some assistance to get started. The Northern Territory Government has provided this assistance, and I have no doubt that Taarna Enterprises will provide meaningful employment and training to many Indigenous people in the Alice Springs area."

Hall & Wilcox, as a law firm, has consistently demonstrated a commitment to leveraging its privileged position for societal good. The firm actively seeks opportunities to support Indigenous initiatives, contributing to systemic change, and utilizing its legal expertise to foster the growth of Indigenous businesses. This initiative not only underscores the firm's dedication to social responsibility but also highlights the potential for legal expertise to drive positive change in communities.