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Guide aids Solicitors navigating Building Safety Act for flat sales

Guide aids Solicitors navigating Building Safety Act for flat sales


The Law Society supports solicitors navigating the Building Safety Act 2022 for flat sales with a comprehensive guide

The Law Society has taken a significant step in assisting its members involved in flat sales and purchases by releasing a new guide aimed at enhancing understanding of the Building Safety Act 2022 (BSA 2022). This move comes on 14th February as part of the ongoing efforts to address the complex challenges posed by the legislation introduced in response to the tragic 2017 Grenfell Tower disaster.

The BSA 2022 stands as a crucial component of the building safety legislation, introducing a comprehensive regime specifically designed for certain residential buildings. One of its pivotal aspects is the determination of who bears the costs associated with remediating buildings, a provision brought forth in response to lessons learned from the Grenfell tragedy.

To alleviate concerns of leaseholders facing financial burdens due to remediation costs, the government has actively committed to protective measures. Developer and government-funded schemes have been introduced, substantially reducing costs for leaseholders affected by the BSA 2022.

However, when the BSA 2022 was initially introduced, several law firms hesitated to undertake matters involving affected properties. This hesitation stemmed from the perceived responsibility placed on them, driven by the legislation's novelty, complexity, and initial lack of clarity.

Nick Emmerson, the President of the Law Society of England and Wales, expressed the importance of their new guide in addressing these concerns. He stated, “Our guide will help solicitors make sense of the improvements to the legislation that have been made since it was first introduced. It will also provide solicitors with necessary information to make informed decisions about taking on residential leasehold conveyancing matters where the BSA 2022 applies.”

Developed in collaboration with government and industry stakeholders, the guide serves as a valuable resource. It contains background information and high-level guidance, directing solicitors to key sources of information needed to navigate the complexities of the BSA 2022.

The guide covers critical aspects, including the introduction of the BSA 2022, the allocation of costs for remediating tall buildings affected by fire safety issues, general criteria for handling BSA 2022 matters, determining if a building falls within the scope of the legislation, advising sellers and buyers, addressing concerns in leaseholder-owned blocks, and understanding the unique position in Wales.

Acknowledging the practical challenges solicitors may encounter, the Law Society collaborated with the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities to provide supplementary FAQs and illustrations. These resources aim to equip solicitors with practical insights into various situations they might face in practice.

In summary, the Law Society's proactive approach in releasing this guide underscores its commitment to supporting solicitors dealing with the intricate

legal landscape shaped by the Building Safety Act 2022. By addressing concerns, providing clarity, and offering practical guidance, the Law Society contributes to ensuring a smoother process for solicitors involved in flat sales affected by this critical legislation.