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Goodwin guides Equistone in Sport Group sale to KPS Capital Partners

Goodwin guides Equistone in Sport Group sale to KPS Capital Partners


The transaction, finalised on April 12, 2024, underscores the firm's expertise in navigating complex deals within the private equity arena

The firm, has provided legal counsel to funds managed by Equistone Partners Europe and its portfolio company, Sport Group, in the sale of Sport Group to KPS Capital Partners.

Sport Group, established in 1969, specialises in manufacturing artificial turf systems and synthetic surfaces for sports and leisure activities. With a robust presence across Germany, Europe, Australia, and the USA, Sport Group has cemented its position as a key player in the industry. Despite facing challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and disrupted supply chains, Sport Group, under Equistone's majority ownership since June 2015, has successfully doubled its revenues.

The Goodwin team, led by partner Winfried Carli and comprising associates Folko Moroni and Jakob Lutzenberger, played a pivotal role in facilitating the sale. Additional support was provided by partners Reid Bagwell and Robert Stein, along with associate Adele Marchant, demonstrating Goodwin's cross-border capabilities and deep understanding of private equity and finance transactions.

This transaction highlights Goodwin's longstanding relationship with Equistone, having advised on the initial acquisition financing in 2015 and subsequently providing comprehensive legal guidance to Sport Group on various financing initiatives. The successful completion of the sale underscores Goodwin's commitment to delivering strategic counsel and facilitating successful outcomes for its clients in complex transactions.