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Nicola Laver

Editor, Solicitors Journal




Analysis of listed law firms has revealed that they are out-performing other markets, finding that the legal sector's average share price increased by 25 per cent over the past year. The research by corporate adviser and stockbroker Arden Partners predicted that more firms would list, because investors are 'afforded a significant opportunity as they enjoy a first-mover advantage'. The consultancy also said that the new Standards and Regulations may drive competition due to allowing solicitors more freedom to work from unregulated businesses. 23 December 2019 NDAS Speaking in an Exeter Law Review podcast, head of law at Exeter law school and adviser to the House of Commons women and equalities committee on non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) Professor Richard Moorhead has accused the profession of 'a kind of mutually assured amorality or immorality' via NDAs. Moorhead recalled an instance from his own past that demonstrated the culture that needs changing. 'When I was a trainee, a colleague was being sexually harassed by my boss', he said. 'We talked about whether to do anything, and actually we decided not to.' 20 December 2019