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Glasgow Solicitor Achieves Gold Standard Accreditation for Elder and Vulnerable Client Support Expertise

Glasgow Solicitor Achieves Gold Standard Accreditation for Elder and Vulnerable Client Support Expertise


Nicola McGorm honoured for legal excellence in supporting older clients, reflecting commitment to high standards

Congratulations to Nicola McGorm, an Associate at the law firm Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie LLP (WJM), for being awarded the Full Accredited Member status by Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE), now known as The Association for Lifetime Lawyers. This recognition highlights her expertise in providing legal support for older and vulnerable clients, as well as their families and caregivers.

Nicola McGorm received the Older Client Care in Practice (OCCP) and Older Client Law in Practice (OCLP) awards, marking her commitment to excellence in private client work at WJM. The SFE accreditation is considered the gold standard for solicitors and chartered legal executives specializing in the legal aspects surrounding older and vulnerable clients.

In response to her achievement, Nicola expressed her honour and emphasized the growing importance of providing top-notch legal services for an aging population. She highlighted the need for these clients to be treated with dignity and respect, ensuring that their unique needs are met.

To attain this accreditation, lawyers must undergo assessments demonstrating a solid understanding of the specific needs and considerations required when safeguarding and protecting the interests of older clients. Fraser Gillies, Managing Partner at WJM, congratulated Nicola on her accomplishment, emphasizing the firm's dedication to maintaining high standards of expertise in elder law.

Lakshmi Turner, Chief Executive of SFE, emphasized the crucial role of accredited lawyers in providing expert advice on planning for later life. SFE lawyers follow a strict code of practice with respect and dignity at its core, addressing the complex and sensitive issues related to health, care, and family for older and vulnerable clients. Choosing an SFE lawyer is seen as a commitment to receiving guidance through this intricate area of law and laying solid foundations to protect individuals and their loved ones in later life.