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GeoSmart partners with Ashdown for enhanced land quality and site redevelopment reports

GeoSmart partners with Ashdown for enhanced land quality and site redevelopment reports


Partnership means clients will now have access to a wider range of services to help with site redevelopment

GeoSmart Information, the innovative environmental reports and data provider, has announced the launch of a new partnership with Ashdown Site Investigation.

Ashdown is a geotechnical and environmental consultancy that provides cost-effective and practical engineering advice on design, remediation, and construction projects.

It is now offering GeoSmart’s SuDSmart and FloodSmart reports as part of its site investigation services.

The SuDSmart report range provides developers with a clear understanding of site drainage conditions, including the potential for infiltration of surface water that could support sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). FloodSmart provides a comprehensive range of flood risk assessment (FRA) reports, including unique national groundwater flood risk data.

Increasingly, planning authorities are requiring FRAs and SuDS analysis as part of the pre-planning assessment for new developments.

Ashdown has access to GeoSmart’s EnviroSmart land quality assessment, flagging up key items so that Ashdown can better focus its investigation works on site for its clients. Powered by Landmark Envirocheck, this will give clients faster, more accurate assessments and clear, easy-to-understand reporting.

Ashdown will support GeoSmart’s production of land quality assessments by assisting with site inspections. Ashdown will in turn be completing site investigations and preparing reports to support recommendations within GeoSmart’s EnviroSmart phase 1 contaminated land reports and SuDSmart sustainable drainage reports. These can include bespoke advice to enable the design of foundations and soakage infiltration systems, provision of phase 2 risk assessments for brownfield sites, and, where appropriate, remediation strategies.

‘With rapidly growing demand for our environmental reports, we wanted to establish a partnership that added value both ways,’ said Chris Taylor, sales and commercial director at GeoSmart. ‘Not only do we have access to more experts on the ground for our EnviroSmart reports, our clients will now have access to a wider range of services to help with site redevelopment. We are also pleased to help Ashdown deliver a wider range of reports with enhanced data, which ensures that Ashdown’s clients can better inform their project design.’

‘This will be a great two-way relationship with clear benefits for each of our respective client bases,’ said Steve McSwiney, technical director at Ashdown Site Investigation. ‘We are delighted to partner with GeoSmart, who recognise the importance of the highest quality field analysis backed by their superlative data. It’s a true win-win, which will set a new benchmark in the market.’

About GeoSmart Information

GeoSmart delivers insight on environmental risk and suitability for property development and infrastructure.

For more information, please visit, email, or call 01743 276 150.

About Ashdown Site Investigation Limited

Ashdown is an experienced geotechnical and environmental consultancy. Its core business is the design and execution of ground investigations and the provision of geotechnical and ground contamination risk assessment reports.

For more information, please visit, email, or call 01273 483119.