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Gatehouse Chambers welcomes former high court master Victoria McCloud

Gatehouse Chambers welcomes former high court master Victoria McCloud


Dr. McCloud's appointment follows her distinguished career as a senior Judge in the High Court of England and Wales, where she served for an impressive 14 years

This appointment marks a significant milestone for Gatehouse Chambers, as it is the first time a judge has been appointed as an Associate Member post-retirement. Dr. McCloud's decision to join Gatehouse reflects her continued commitment to the legal profession and her desire to contribute her expertise in new capacities.

In her new role, Dr. McCloud will lend her extensive experience to support Gatehouse Chambers in expanding its profile in internal investigations and whistleblowing cases. Her background as an advisor to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Whistleblowing, coupled with her judicial career, positions her as a valuable asset in these areas. Gatehouse Chambers anticipates that Dr. McCloud's insights will significantly enhance its capabilities in handling complex legal matters.

Moreover, Dr. McCloud's expertise will complement Gatehouse Chambers' existing strengths in high-profile public inquiries and inquests, including those related to critical events such as the Covid and Grenfell inquiries. The addition of Dr. McCloud to the team underscores Gatehouse Chambers' dedication to diversity and inclusion, further bolstering its reputation as a progressive institution.

Amanda Illing, Chief Executive of Gatehouse Chambers, expressed her delight about Dr. McCloud's appointment, emphasising the valuable contributions she will make to the Chambers. Illing highlighted Dr. McCloud's focus on quasi-judicial investigations as particularly beneficial, noting the increasing demand for expertise in this area.

In response to her appointment, Dr. McCloud expressed her pleasure in joining Gatehouse Chambers and becoming its first judge in retirement status. She commended the Chambers for its reputation as a forward-thinking institution and acknowledged the growing demand for expertise in internal investigations and whistleblowing cases. Dr. McCloud looks forward to leveraging her experience as she transitions into a new role within the legal sector.

Dr. McCloud's appointment signals a new chapter for Gatehouse Chambers, one marked by the addition of a seasoned legal expert dedicated to advancing the institution's objectives. As Gatehouse Chambers continues to navigate complex legal challenges, Dr. McCloud's insights and experience promise to be invaluable assets in achieving success and furthering the Chambers' reputation for excellence.